Our Approach


Certain precepts shape the advice that we give our clients. The most important of these include:


Asset allocation is the primary determinant of long-term returns and volatility of returns.


Investors who take a long-term perspective and can withstand short-term volatility have an advantage over other investors.

Risk Control

The calibration of risk is of prime importance in an investment program.


Our advice is based upon well-founded principles and is consistently applied to our clients.


Investors should understand the risks that they incur and avoid risks for which they are not compensated.


We endeavor to understand the particular circumstances of each client and develop our advice accordingly.


Economy, simplicity and reliability in an investment program enhance the likelihood of success.


Our clients seek the highest after-tax, risk-adjusted rates of return.

With each client, our work reflects our commitment to the principles of simplicity and clarity. Our adherence to these principles has made Baker Street the values-based firm that it is today in the Bay Area wealth management community.

Simplicity & Clarity

Baker Street simplifies the complex and clarifies the opaque. In our view, simplicity and clarity are directly related to accountability and success. Every aspect of our process is designed to promote transparency and to foster understanding.

Our Process

Our process emphasizes four important concepts:


The best results are delivered with exceptional service. Our clients are our only priority. We are readily available to meet their needs.


Our clients lead busy and complicated lives. Our job is to allow them to easily oversee and to understand their finances.


We serve as a fiduciary to our clients, who expect and receive the perspective that they need to hear, without prejudice or conflict.


Our clients expect successful results.